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Gabrielle Eckhardt


Resourceful, accomplished & dedicated design

Gabrielle Eckhardt specializes in the creation of environments that are inviting, gracious and functional. Whether it's a private home that suits your family's lifestyle or a builder's model that must through necessity appeal to a broader spectrum, her work is consistently impeccable and always imaginative.

Gabrielle's knack for interpreting the uniqueness of each space, as well as its inhabitants has resulted in hundreds of matchlessly designed living spaces for families who expect the best. To her, the key to successful design lies in carefully listening to her clients' wishlist and an ability to transform those words and ideas into a beautiful and functional environment. She begins each assignment with a completely open mind and welcomes her clients to participate in the design process.

She is passionate about the importance of small details and as such, personally oversees the implementation of all her designs.

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